He Started Singing An Old R&B Classic. But Who Joins Him Next Made My Jaw Drop! WOW


In the video, we see some men performing on the street, others on the doc of the bay and others in different places like Brazil among others. Playing for a change is a music project that was started an American sound engineer and producer called mark Johnson with his team in the media group. This movement that aims to connect, inspire and bring peace around the globe through music.

In the clip, people on the streets are amazed by the performance and they decide to give something as way of appreciating the performances by this group that aims to bring change through music. The same movement has also created a non – profit organization known as the playing for change foundation. The foundation goes around the world to build music schools. I actually support this group since it is likely to bring a positive change to the world. At times it may seem difficult to communicate to the youth while using different means but since the youths spend most of the time listening to music. Apart from that, this group seems to nurturing the singing talent of children around the world.

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