Only Humans With Spelling OCD Can Get a Perfect On This Quiz. Can You?


People who consider themselves perfectionists and who are obsessed with grammar, spelling, and the English language need to take this quiz so they can prove just how punctual their spelling abilities really are.

Even if you believe yourself to be an ace when it comes to spelling the trickiest words known to man correctly, sometimes we get a few wrong here and there. It’s inevitable and we all have certain terms which cause us to pause and think really hard about how to spell them correctly whenever we write them down. It seems like no matter how many times you look them up or correct them, you just can’t get them right!

Every language in the world has their own words that are most known for being misspelled all the time. Native speakers, foreign learners, just about everyone somehow manages to screw them up. These words get spelled incorrectly so often that they end up on lists and in quizzes like this one! For the majority of people, they are those annoying words that most everyone gets wrong time and time again. However, if you’re as good as you think you are at spelling, then you should be able to guess the correct spelling of all the words in this quiz.

According to the quiz site playbuzz, only those with ‘spelling OCD,’ aka a spelling obsession, get all seventeen words correct in this test. Try it now and see how well you’re able to score, good luck!

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