This Song Was Number One 50 Years Ago. Do You Remember It?


Some songs can never be forgotten, they just bring emotions out of you and that’s why you will always remember them. And when you recall these songs the emotions come back. If one asked me an example of such a song it would automatically be “Hey Jude.” I have always played this song whenever I felt like listening to it.

Sometimes back i used to like some songs but after a short while I forgot them. It for this reason that I always visit the charts to see what songs were topping. Whenever I visit such charts I always find some of the songs which were my favorites at that time.

Do people even recall the song that topped fifty years ago? I really doubt. I really like the song by the righteous brother “you have lost that loving feeling.” This song was number 5 in the chart and it reappeared in the chart in the year 1986.

As a matter of fact, the song still remains to be one of the best songs throughout time. It was even sung by Jessie J and Tom Jones during the Grammy awards early this year. These brothers have clear vocals though it is not very clear.


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The Righteous Brothers in 1965

The Righteous Brothers in 2003

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