Son and dad have used 33,000 coins, glue and Coca-Cola to remodel their garage floor


For someone like Dominic Lowe, good, creative art is something that doesn’t get past him. So when he came across something nice on Facebook, he decided to go straight for it. He and his family started collecting coins from friends and strangers!

Every day, Dominic is joined by his son, Jon, in gluing those coins to the floor. Their goal is to create a mosaic-like pattern on the floor. To do that, they first have to soak some of the coins in coca cola to make them shiny.

That’s brilliant!

Jon’s twin brother collects the coins on the streets while his sister helps prepare the floor for the big job. From the video, you can tell that this one here is going to be one heck of a floor. People will want to dance here!
Watch it all and appreciate the creativity.

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