His Son Can’t Respond. And Then The Father Does This. So Moving!


In most cases, Jayce showcases his musical talents by posting videos on YouTube. But, this time round he had something different in mind when he did it.

The son of Jayce called Jason who is 8 years of age has special needs. He had a stroke while he was yet to be born and thus he is not able to see, talk, walk or stand. The song we are about to hear was written by Jayce after getting an inspiration from his son’s strength and courage. Even the toughest heart will be moved by watching this father’s performance and the reaction of the son.

As revealed by a certain commenter, caring for a disabled child is difficult and may even make you feel depressed. Though, it’s still possible to find joy in small things that not everyone can be impressed with. Whenever those joyful moments come along, sharing them is inevitable!

From Jason’s priceless reaction, I’m sure he liked his father’s song. If that’s how you felt kindly let all that know you watch this by SHARING with them!

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