Elderly Woman Hears Something Howling Behind Her House And Realizes She’s Going To Need Help


Moms are notoriously protective of their little ones. From tigers to human moms, it’s just their natural instinct to keep their children close until they’re ready to leave the nest, so to speak.

That’s why Gwen Maxwell was so stunned by what she witnessed recently behind her home near Phoenix, Arizona. As she looked out into her backyard, she spotted a coyote pup who was rolling on the ground in pain, trying to remove several cholla cactus spines embedded in his skin.

When rescuers finally arrived, they moved in to grab the pup, but not before noticing that its mother was just a stone’s throw away. That’s when they realized what she was doing…

When 86-year-old Arizona resident Gwen Maxwell noticed a coyote pup howling in pain in her backyard, she immediately called for help. A worker from Pebblebrook Golf Course, Jose Soto, and assistant superintendent Shawn Bordine arrived shortly after.

The pup had gotten into a cholla cactus and was struggling to remove the spines from his body and mouth. The workers rushed to help, but something suddenly made them stop dead in their tracks: the pup’s mother was nearby. Instead of protecting her pup from the men, however, she seemed to be eager for them to lend a hand. So they pulled out a pair of pliers and did just that.

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