A Soldier Finds Himself Wounded And Then This Animal Comes Along And Does This To Him.WOW!


When you think about great dogs, you think about service dogs, and this video will prove you right. When our troops go out and into intense war zones, it’s because they have a love for our country and its citizens who need protection.

In this video, you see a soldier caught in the intensity of a battle, even getting wounded and lying on the ground. Then you have a dog coming over and waking him up. It alltakes about 35 seconds.

We’re proud to honor our military servicemen and women. However, when they come home as vets, they face a barrage of problems, most of them as a result of PSTD. That’s why getting a dog for a vet becomes an attractive choice. But not every dog can do this kind of job. There’re specially trained service dogs capable of this kind of supportive work. They help the wounded soldiers with their daily chores, and that’s really nice.

This video was aired as an ad, and you’ll agree that it’s a really powerful one. In fact, it has been viewed over 6 million times since it was uploaded in 2010. Designed and brought by the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation, this clip scooped the Gouden Loeki award as the ultimate commercial of the year. I like that.

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