If Your Clothes Smell Like Mildew, Don’t Get A New Washing Machine! Try THIS Trick Instead!


There may be a reason your clothes smell like Mildew. Here’s the reason, and the trick to solve it.

#1 People Are Finding Something Disgusting In Their Washing Machines

If you have a front load washing machine, your clothes may end up smelling like mildew. This is what thousands of people are figuring out the hard way. Check the rubber rim inside your washing machine to see if you have mold.


#2 How To Fix It

You will need 16 ounces of white vinegar and some Clorox bleach. Mix bleach with water and start wiping down the accessible outer parts of the washing machine. Then run the washing machine for 30 minutes to wash away the bleach. Finally, put the vinegar into the machine and run it again. That should get rid of the mold.


#3 It’s So Bad That People Are Suing

Thousands of people are now suing the manufacturer because of this defect. If you have this problem, you too could join this class-action law suit and potentially win money!

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