The Slave Who Taught Jack Daniels How To Make Whiskey: Bourbon Giant Finally Acknowledges The …


After 150 years, we learn the truth

#1 The Real Story

On the anniversary of Jack Daniel’s 150 years, the true story of the recipe has emerged. In this picture you can see Jack Daniel next to the son of Nearis Green, a slave who really passed on the recipe.


#2 Jack Daniel

The story until now was that Dan Call, a moonshine distiller, taught Jasper Newton the ins and outs of his Tennessee distillery. Jasper Newton came to be Jack Daniel, but that’s not the only twist. Dan Call asked his slave Nearis Green to teach Jasper how to distill whiskey, saying ‘Uncle Nearest is the best whiskey maker that I know of,’


#3 1866

Slaver was abolished in 1865. One year later, Jack Daniel employed Green’s two sons at his new distillery.


#4 Nearis Green

Green and his family were soon forgotten in the history of Jack Daniel’s creation.


#5 Most Popular In America

Jack Daniels went on to become the most popular whiskey in America.


#6 Marketing

As the distillery tried to market its brand to America’s south, they didn’t want to broadcast that its origins came from a black man.


#7 Distillery Tour

Now Neris Green is prominent feature in the Jack Daniel’s distillery tour.

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