These Pit Bulls Show Incredible Skills In Something That You Will Never Expect. I’m Amazed!


I have seen many wonderful videos, but I must admit that the video below really caught my attention. It starts when two dogs of the pit bull breed are in a river, busy fishing huge salmons and taking them back to the shore. I was surprised most by the massive size of the salmons and the ease with which they captured them. Although the dogs did bring the fish to the shore, later they were thrown back to the river to die a natural death, as stated in the video.

It will be of great importance to take a look at the description of the YouTube video before starting to watch. As per the confession of the owner of the two dogs, when the footage was being filmed, he was not around. He had left his friend in charge of taking care of them, who in turn took them to the river where they were filmed. He goes on to give a statement that he would not have permitted the action since it is not good for the fish. However, the two pit bulls had their catch all the day long at the river and the clip is going viral.

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