He sings a song from his grandfather’s Funeral, then he cries before the judges can comment


Though Christopher Maloney has always wanted to perform at the X Factor UK, one thing held him back- his nervousness.

The video below was posted almost 5 years ago and Christopher, who works as a customer services adviser reveals that it took him five years to be courageous enough to audition at such a stage. You can see how tense he was when he took the microphone while his hand was erratically shaking.

He was performing a song by Bette Midler – The Rose – and even his grandmother was in backstage waiting for him to perform. He reveals that the song he was about to sing was played when his granddad passed away. That is one of the reasons as to why he decided to sing the same song.

Though his trembling was there for everyone to see, he tried to take a deep breath as a way of trying to stop it. As he started to sing, his voice became stronger with every word he uttered. He made that special connection with the audience and at the end all eyes were teary and everyone in the audience was emotional.

You have to watch and see the standing ovation he got at the end and his unbelievable reaction.

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