When She Begins Singing, Her Brother With Down Syndrome Joins In. What A Wonderful Moment!


Here is a duet from Ireland that is comprised of a sister and a brother. Their performance is rocking the internet since the posting of the duet on Facebook!

Noah and Leah Kirwan, sang “Titanium” an influential song by David Guetta. The most astonishing thing is that Noah suffers from a Down syndrome. He had some problems in the singing of the song but with the motivation from her elder sister he was able. When the songs end, a lot of applauses were heard.

Apart from the brother-sister relationship, you can note the way Leah is pleased with her brother. What an amazing moment to watch!

This wonderful video gained popularity in a very short time, as it had been shared by 8,000 people and more than 400,000 viewers. There are comments too that show how this clip is loved by many. One of the commentators said that the song carried him away, while the other praised Noah’s sister for posting the Video on her Facebook page.

Leah always tries to demonstrate how much she loves her brother on the social media. Back in 2014, she posted a photo of her together with her brother which had a title saying that she loved this little boy madly.

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