She Places 3 Piping Bags In A Bigger Piping Bag, The Finished Cake Will Surprise You!


We all drool over a cake that is beautifully decorated. However, not everyone was cut out for that job. However, it is not that complicated. You can create the edible and awesome piece of art in your kitchen.

Here is the simple hack around the beauty creation:

Buttercream star tip piping

You will need

⦁ Vanilla cake

⦁ Ganache frosting (lavender)

⦁ Buttercream frosting (vanilla)

⦁ Food coloring (purple, pink and blue)

⦁ Scrapers and spatula

⦁ Piping bag (16-inch)
⦁ Two small piping bags (12-inch)

⦁ Piping tip (1M star)

⦁ Turntable


⦁ Add ganache frosting layers to the cake

⦁ Let it cool for about 10 minutes

⦁ Add another ganache layer frosting and cool it for 10 minutes

⦁ Add the food coloring to the buttercream. Put each color in the three small bags. Put the three bags into the large one. Insert the piping tip.

⦁ Pipe gently by squeezing dollops on the cake side

⦁ Turn the bags to get the various colors

It does not matter if you want flowers, stars or ruffles. This technique can be done on any cake and use any colors you prefer.

For exact recipes, visit Cake Styles websites. Watch the full video and try the technique later.

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