She Appears Like Any Other Sweet, Innocent Old Lady, But When She Opens Her Mouth? OMG!


There are always surprises waiting for us whenever we attend every season of America’s Got Talent.

Since everyone is allowed to take part in the auditions, different kinds of surprises are possible. Take for instance this 80-year-old granny who took the stage back in 2012 and caught everyone by surprise. Full of confidence, the sweet old lady introduced herself as “Granny G.” By looking at the faces of the judges, it’s obvious they are a little surprised how the granny managed to make her way through the auditions but once she starts to perform, everyone understood why. She was not what her outward looks portrayed her to be.

On this day, Granny G wanted her audience to learn family values and she went on and did it in a way that those who attended will live to remember. Her unexpected way of rapping is one of its own kind.

The way the judges and the audience react to her performance says it all. Though some may say she’s crazy, her sense of humor is quite evident.

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