This Teacher Separated Two Best Friends For Disrupting Her Classroom, But What They Did Next Shocked Her.



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Teacher here, and I didn’t really send them to the principal’s office. I just raised my voice for the first time ever.

I had the most wonderful group of kids, and they were smart as hell too! They were just, the best kind of kids. Witty, smart, and a real freakin’ joy to teach.

The thing is, they were all pretty good friends. Specially two boys. David and Daniel. They absolutely adored eachother, sat next to eachother every day, and they just had a blast in class, competing to see who could finish their work faster, and get better marks.

The thing is, they were so smart, I’d have a hard time keeping them busy. They’d finish their work in minutes and start messing around and playing and making a ruckus. (These kids were around… 12 years old, which is astonishing because all the 12 year olds I know are a bunch of unpleasant a**holes…)

Anyways. They got into this weird thing where they pretended to be airplanes… yeah. I’d have my back turned on them for two seconds, and I’d hear:


As soon as I turned around, they both had their arms outstretched like wings, and were slowly standing up from their chairs. I’d give them a stern “No.” But that wasn’t enough. They’d fully stand and start gliding and “flying” around me making airplane noises while I tried to catch them or simply stood there with crossed arms and a serious expression.

The bad thing is, they’d always make me laugh.

One day, it just wasn’t my day, and they kept doing it. So I finally put my foot down. “*Ok. *Now you’ve done it!. Sit the hell down! You! to that corner!! YOU! To the other corner!”

Cue in the “but but but–“s

“No BUTS. SIT. DOWN. AND BE QUIET.” I was frustrated that they’d ALWAYS finish first and get to their antics, and distract the rest of the class, and I had enough already.

They sat there glumly, heads down, sadly looking at each other from across the room.

“You’re separated from now on. You are in Daniel Country, and you’re in David Country. You’re FAR AWAY. DIFFERENT CONTINENTS. You can’t SEE each other, you can’t even TALK to each other.”

Everyone went quiet. They had never seen me pissed before, and they quickly started working again.

As I checked my planner or something, I felt it got way too quiet… So I looked back quickly, and caught a girl in the middle of the classroom with a folded paper in her hands, staring wide-eyed at me.

I didn’t even say anything, simply held my hand out and received the note.

I immediately knew who were behind it, so as I opened up the paper, I glared at both, and they both looked shocked and sad as well.

I look down at what I have in my hands…

It was a passport so David could travel to Daniel Country.

F***ing hell, I glared right back at them after looking at it, asked them to step forward, to which they did, heads hanging low, and I proceeded to give them both a huge hug and asked them to never change.

I freaking loved that class. 🙁 They’re both 17 years old now, and turned out to be pretty amazing kids.


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