School kids came up with a Disney Pixar dance routine and made the internet go wild


If you’re any fun of dancing, then you’ll know why this incredible performance is setting flames on the internet. You see, the dance team at Walden Groove High School is way beyond your usual neighborhood dance team. These kids are the real deal!

To demonstrate their prowess in the dancing business, the team created and rehearsed a mash-up of various dance routines featuring some of the most popular characters from Disney Pixar movies. Watch and see how well they articulate the moves dancing as characters from the “Toy Story” depicting the story of Buzz and Woody. Next? Wait for this!

They feature even more cool characters from “The Incredibles,” “Finding Nemo,” and “Up.” From the look of it, these kids must have spent quite some time preparing for this breathtaking performance. They’re the best already!

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