The Husbands Starts Beaming When The Wife Grabs The Mic And Starts Singing. This is Why!


Many can rate “All About That Bass” sang by Meghan Trainor as one of the year’s best songs. Even though that is the case, when Meghan Trainor took the CMA’s stage with Miranda Lambert and sang the same song, more fun was evident. The two lively ladies did not disappoint at all and gave the audience a performance to remember. From the time you start watching this video; you will surely be full of smiles since they give a splendid performance from all angles you may look at it! It is obvious that the two are blessed with lots of talent which allow them to give the song the justice it deserves. You surely know the reason why the husband of Miranda (Blake Shelton) was beaming the most.

If you were the one, will you have reacted any different?

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