Rude Neighbor Caught Stealing On Hidden Camera—Then Gets What She Deserves!


During the height of a nasty winter storm in Chicago, one neighbor took it upon herself to steal a snow shovel from a man’s porch, use it on her snow-covered car and then walk away with the shovel in tow.

How do we know all this? Because the woman was completely unaware of the fact she just stole something from the last person she should’ve messed with. You see, the home belongs to David Welles, who happens to have his property rigged with a ton of high-tech security cameras.

David planned to use his shovel to make a snow igloo with his young daughter. Naturally, David decided it was time for some payback.

He pulled out his snow blower, and began covering the woman’s car with freshly packed snow. I mean, covered. The entire car. He didn’t want to harm her car, just make it impossible for her to actually use it. LOL! I say it’s pretty sweet revenge.

And it seems his planned worked like a charm. Later that week, the shovel in question returned to Welles’ property.

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