Rescued octopus returns to the beach to thank his rescuers in the sweetest way possible


A simple thank you, from an animal or human, means a lot.

One family was on vacation when they spotted an octopus on the beach. It was clear the animal was in distress. They helped him back into thewater and saved his life.

The family thought the interaction with the octopus was over. The following day, they see a shadow in the water.
Upon taking a closer look, they realized it was the same octopus they had saved the previous day.

The octopus makes his way to the family. He stays with them for close to an hour and tries to touch them. It appears the octopus is thanking them for their kindness.

The video was posted on 18th July, 2017. The family filmed the octopus’ behavior and named him Kurt. They also vowed to stop eating octopus in his honor.

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