Quiz: Take The Perfectionism Test Below. What Level Are You?


Do you consider yourself to be a perfectionist? This can be a tricky question to answer because many of us display behaviors that are typical of a full blown perfectionist, yet it’s only in certain areas of our lives. Maybe we want a big project done in a highly specific manner or we plan to ensure that a trip goes smoothly every step of they way. Making sure that these one-off type of things turn out perfect doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a total and complete perfectionist.

However, if you are always noticing the slightest details and inconsistencies that others seem to miss, then you likely fall high up on the perfectionist-scale. That’s because perfectionists see the world through highly perceptive eyes and are quick to spot everything. Their drive for perfection compels them forwards and extends to every area of their life, not just certain ones.

In fact, it’s like they have laser vision in the way they’re able to hone in on the slightest flaws or smallest mistakes, no inaccuracy gets past them. They pay extremely close attention to everything and so the easiest way in which to determine how high a persons level of perfectionism may truly be is by a visual quiz like the one here! This test looks at how your brain, mind, and eyes work together to evaluate images of shapes. It then analyzes and examines how you experience imperfections to figure out how much of a perfectionist you are. Take it now to see what level you get!

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