Quiz: Can You Pass This Confusing English Language Quiz? Find Out..


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Ever since grade school we’ve all had it drilled into our heads that basic spelling and proper grammar matter a lot when it comes to mastering the mechanics of any language. But if you want to really sound intelligent, then you need to know context as well. This is especially true when dealing with the top most confusing words in the English language, nineteen of which are laid out below!

This quiz will put your knowledge and language skills to the test by seeing how well you truly know the different meanings behind extremely similar sounding words, which are also spelled in almost the exact same way! For some of these word pairings there is only a one letter difference separating the two apart and keeping them from being identical. Once you begin the quiz you’ll understand exactly what I mean, so try it now and find out if you know the correct syntax, diction, and spelling when it comes to the most confusing English words!

In the end, if you can ace this test without missing a single word then congratulations because you are among the rare few who are able to do so! According to the quiz site playbuzz, merely 3 in 55 people are able to pass it completely. Are you one of them? Good luck!

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