Pregnant woman deadlifts 275 pounds drawing mixed reactions from everyone


If you love keeping fit, you must admit deadlifting is hard. You have to get it right to prevent injury while lifting the weights, no matter how light.

29-year-old Sarah Strong is a rare breed of a woman. She is a personal trainer who started powerlifting in 2015. The single mother, who is also 8-months pregnant, has not stopped lifting weights.

Sarah deadlifts up to 275 pounds. She says powerlifting keeps her fit and she prepares for childbirth.

She has received her share fair of criticism and compliments from people. Others feel she is putting her unborn child in danger.

Sarah defends her move saying it helps maintain a healthy weight. It also helps bounce back into shape after childbirth.

Watch Sarah in action in the video below and let us know what you think.

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