Pregnant Mom Rushed To The Hospital, Then Dad Notices A Clue In This Photo!


Chris Honey was worried his new twins would never know their mother, then he found hope for her recovery in a recent photo.

#1 Brigette and Chris Honey had twins over Thanksgiving weekend.

But during Brigette’s labor, she began to experience serious complications: her blood pressure and heart rate dropped. Brigette was actually experiencing a rare birth complication called an amniotic fluid embolism, which affected only one in 80,000 births.


#2 When Chris Honey heard the news of his wife’s condition, his heart sank:

“I went down to the second floor and there was a nurse that met me,” said Chris. “She asked if I was Mr. Honey and said I need you to step in this room, and as soon as I walked in that room my heart dropped.”


#3 The newborn twins named Austin and Abby were healthy, but mom was at death’s door.

The likelihood of survival for her condition was only 20 percent, so Chris feared that their five children would be without a mother.

Brigette had to receive emergency surgeries for a chance to live.


#4 Chris decided to start a prayer page for his wife on Facebook.

More than 1,000 well-wishers sent their regards and he described the support he received as “unreal.”

Then, in his darkest hour, he noticed something that gave him hope: It was in a photo of Brigette during her pregnancy.


#5 In Brigette’s recent pregnancy photo, she appeared to have a halo shining over her head.

Chris took it as a sign that Brigette was being watched over and would soon recover. And sure enough, she did.

Chris said, “All the doctors so far today said that it’s just incredible how fast she’s recovering because we have two other kids together and I just don’t know what we would do without her. She’s amazing.”

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