They Hit This Poor Dog And Left Him Without Any Help! What Happened Later? SO TOUCHING!

Helpless, defenseless and alone ‘¬†Lawson was hit by a vehicle and then left behind. He could have died. But, he didn’t. His back legs are paralyzed, but he presses on, crawling from place to place with his front legs. He needs help from people who want to give him a chance to live. There is no reason for a dog, or any animal, to suffer. With help, donations and a loving home, Lawson could thrive and live a happy and healthy life, but he cannot do this alone. He cannot do this without help. Lawson’s story is sad, but it doesn’t have to have a sad ending. With love, compassion and help, Lawson can live to his full potential. Are you ready to help? Can you spare some time, money or effort to help Lawson recover? Now is the time to act. Help Lawson overcome this horrible card he has been dealt. There is no question he has the spirit and drive to live, he now needs your help.
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