Police Officer Reunites Marine With Beloved Combat Dog


A police officer is returning her beloved dog to his previous owner: the U.S. Marine he served with overseas.

When U.S. Marine Jared Heine returned home from Afghanistan three years ago after a series of traumatic brain injuries, he got separated from his four-legged friend, Spike.

After serving as a bomb-sniffing combat dog overseas, Spike became a member of the Virginia Capitol Police’s K9 unit, where he was paired with officer Laura Taylor.

Heine’s mother recently set out to find Spike because she says her son suffers from PTSD, and just talking about Spike improves his mood. With the help of Facebook and the military, she was able to track down Taylor, who agreed to a reunion.

As soon as Taylor saw the long lost friends reunite, she decided to give Spike back to Heine. The two will be permanently reunited when Spike retires on March 5.

Watch the story above.

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