Pit Bull Licks Kitten As If She’s The Mom. Never Seen Something Like This Before!


It’s true that dogs are loyal to humans till they die. Gypsy, a pit bull was adopted to his permanent home. The family that adopted him had a feeling that he was a special dog for them, since the first day that they saw him. What this dog always did was to be loyal and show love to his owners. Later, when a kitten of three weeks old was left to die, the family recued it, and Gypsy did the unexpected.

The kitten named Barnabas was so wasted and it had to be fed using the bottle. Cheri Desmarais, Gypsy’s owner revealed that Gypsy took to himself and started licking the kitten the way a mother would have done.

She said that when he let Gypsy meet Barnabas, she had no fear since the dog had met other animals before and even when he was at her mother’s farm he used to be with the chicken.

With some care, Barnabas became healthy again, and the two became great friends from then. The video below demonstrates how caring Pit bulls can be, even though they are known to be rough dogs. We can see as the kitten gets hold of the dog’s ears but Gypsy doesn’t do anything in respect. Please SHARE this story to all those who love dogs!

Gypsy the pit bull was immediately drawn to the sick kitten, cleaning him like a mother cat would do.


The pair have been inseparable ever since, and today, the kitten is healthy and growing bigger each day!

FB_IMG_1441128560413-600x337Cheri Desmarais

Vicious? Not so fast! This pit bull loves cuddling on the couch with her pal, Barnabas.

FB_IMG_1441128548259-600x337Cheri Desmarais

These pets are two peas in a pod!

pit-bull-cat-window-cute-600x466Cheri Desmarais

Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood dog breeds in the world. Although they have a reputation for being mean, pit bulls can make very sweet and loyal family dogs when raised in a loving home.

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