These Pictures Were Taken At the Exact Right Moment

Check out the newest collection of incredibly lucky photos…even if they ruin your wedding slightly.

#1 Conquered!!

He…finally….did it.

#2 Shark Attack

This photo was taken moments before that shark went ape-sh**. You just can’t plan that.

#3 Decapitated Gymnast

It was extremely tragic. Please take the children out of the room.

#4 Fishy Love

Someone out there is singing Under the Sea right now.

#5 Shadowy Figures

In another world those people might be in love. It’s crazy how things look when you catch them at the perfect time.

#6 Animal Head

That’s a very good mask or a very good llama.


#7 Dog on the Run

That dog has tattoos and he WILL steal your car.

#8 Trading Faces

They say that people start to look like their pets after a while. This is taking it a bit too literally though.

#9 Solitaire Soldiers

These three soldiers just won a game of Windows Solitaire!


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