Before-And-After Photos Of Couples Losing Weight Together


Most people find it easier to lose weight if they have somebody in the fight with them, and these couples worked together to get better.

#1 Couple #1

Do people lose weight and realize they are more/less attractive than their partner when skinny and break up? Serious question.


#2 Hotties

These people went from hefty to hotties by shedding 133 combined pounds in prep for their wedding. Good move.


#3 2 Is the Healthiest Number

5 years of workouts were their vow before they said their vows.


#4 This plaid love, kilt-wearing couple shed some serious weight

And this is nothing but good news and good looks for Alex and his wife.


#5 Even Old Can Lose the Weigth

This couple is the ultimate proof that age is no excuse to not get yourself back in shape.


#6 They went from gym candidates to potential gym trainers

He handled arm day while she does his squats for him, by the looks of it.


#7 Super Couple

That Superman hoodie is more than appropriate than Clark Kent’s for that amount of pounds shed, if you ask us.

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