Gecko Saves The Life Of His Friend From A Snake! AWESOME …!!


The people inside the house were surprised to see that a snake captured a huge gecko on the wall. But, what another huge gecko did to save his friend’s life was truly awesome.

The captured gecko was hanging still on the wall and it can’t move because the snake was all over its head. While, another gecko was on the side and waiting for the right timing to attack the snake.

The people who filmed the whole scene did nothing and actually they can easily free the geckofrom the snake but, they know that something amazing is about to happen next. Minutes passed the gecko started to move on the side of its friend and was looking for the right spot to attack the snake. As he takes the point, he immediately bite the snake on its body and he didn’t stop until the snake finally leave. You can see in the face of the gecko on how eager he was to free and protect his friend even his life is at risk.

This is such an awesome video, seeing something like this is pretty difficult to believe but, this is a proof that other animals like this reptile is willing to sacrifice themselves for another.

Watch the heroic act of this gecko in the video below.

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