Quiz: What Is Your Level Of ADD According To This Mind-Bending Perception Test?


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We’ve all had moments where we all of a sudden had a lot of difficulty concentrating or paying attention to things. Chances are you’ve also had troubles with organization, lapses in memory, and issues with social skills. These things are normal, often even natural and to be expected, when they’re few and far between and they don’t negatively impact your life.

If you find that you experience the aforementioned behaviors all the time and that they really affect you, then you may have Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD. The mental disorder has been on the rise with more and more people exhibiting the symptoms and being diagnosed as such. The sudden uptick in cases is likely due in part to the rapid changes in technology and the fast pace we live our lives at.

Think about it, we’re constantly exposed to a steady stream of news and advertisements, just about everything around us is competing for our attention. This can be overwhelming and totally distracting, even more so for individuals with ADD.

If you think you might actually have ADD, it’s vital that you consult a doctor so they can properly diagnose you or determine what else it could be. In the meantime, try taking this quiz to see what, if any, level of ADD you may have. It uses mind bending images to evaluate how both your brain and mind perceive and evaluate certain types of visuals. The quiz offers you a rudimentary look at how you experience concentration and different levels of disorder, which can often point towards whether or not a person has ADD. Try it now and see where you stand!

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