Not Even The Number Of Years They Have Spent Together Will Change His Feels Towards Her… This is amazing!


Grab some tissues before you start watching this video. I have to warn you on that and don’t blame me if you ignore doing it…

Kelli and Stephen knew each other from when they were as a young 12 years of age. They are now married and 41 years of age. The previous month when they were celebrating their 10thanniversary, Stephen decided do show Kelli the much he appreciates and loves her by doing something incredible. He organized for a surprise marching band and a wedding ceremony, proposal and informed friends and family without the knowledge of his wife. This video shows how Stephen pulled out the surprise in a spectacular way.

The uniqueness of this event is that as opposed to normal weddings, this was a vow renewal while they were celebrating the anniversary. Stephen wanted to show her the much he valued her though they had spent many years together.

Just like Kelli, I am full of tears when the sign asking her to marry Stephen again is displayed by their young daughters.

Congrats Stephen! …you are truly amazing and you have a wonderful family.

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