This 9 Year-Old-Boy Cried During Audition. But What Follows Next Made Everybody Speechless!


In a YouTube video released on November 22, 2012, a nine-year-old black boy from London named Malaki Paul appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. where his mother was also attending (we get a brief shot of her too).

He had come to do a rendition of Beyoncé’s hit song “Listen.” As he sang, he sounded considerably older than his years, I think. He began to cry in the middle of his performance, at which point his mother came onto the stage and put her arms around her son. The rest of the video’s seven-odd minutes are devoted to interviews; Malaki admitted that sometimes he gets “a bit nervous” when performing, and even gets “stage fright;” that is why he teared up.

One viewer nearly cried himself when watching this video, so beautiful is the voice. I personally think that if anyone cries when singing a song, that is an indication of how great an impact it has had on him or her. Over 12,000 comments have been made on this video.

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