News anchor responds awesomely when a stray cat interrupts his live TV broadcast


How will you react if a stray cat interrupted you when you are in the midst of a very important task? Will you show some compassion or will you do your best to chase the animal away? When anchor KudretCelebioglu was interrupted by a stray cat during his live broadcast, he reacted in a way that warmed many people’s hearts.

As opposed to chasing away the unexpected visitor, he encouraged his viewers to show some compassion to the homeless kittens living within the Turkish communities. He led by example and cuddled the homeless cat. After the news, his friends joined him to give the cat a warm bed and a meal.

In the end, Husnu, as the cat was named, was taken home by one of the employees who works at the station. We surely have to appreciate what people like Celebioglu do to show love to helpless creatures.

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