New Penis Implant Will Alert Your Cellphone When Your Man Is Cheating


Here’s how you’ll catch your man

#1 A New Invention

It looks like Apple and Microsoft have put their feud on hold to create a new device that could change relationships forever! We’re pretty sure men would run the other way if their girlfriend proposed the idea…


#2 Cheating Chip

There’s a new chip which could notify you if your partner is cheating. It can be placed in the woman’s vulva or the man’s penis.


#3 Alert!

Sexual activity is detected and a notification is sent to your partners phone. Pretty sure it would be awkward if they weren’t the person in the room with you!


#4 Would You Do It?

Do you think your man would be ok with implanting this into his penis? We’re pretty sure you’d have to be married for him to even think about doing something so drastic!


#5 Love Sucks

Can you imagine the pain he’d go through just to prove he loves you? And does this make you a bad girlfriend for not trusting him enough? Oh gosh, dating has become so complicated!

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