He Was Neglected Till He Became Obese, And Then Someone Came Along And Did This To Him. Awesome!


Some people don’t see animals as creatures worthy of the love, care and attention that they so deserve, but rather as objects of attraction. Just that.

That’s the situation this adorable dog, Bolinha, found himself in for a good part of his life.Bolinha had been abandoned as a baby dog and spent his life eating food scraps thrown by people at a gas station. We all know what these fast foods can do to our bodies, so you can imagine how much weight a dog can gain by eating them daily.

When the poor dog hit around 80 pounds in weight, problems started. He couldn’t breathe properly and even moving about became a herculean task, so he mostly had tolie on the pile of trash nearbyand pass off his days. But that wasn’t going to continue for his whole life.

One day, an animal rescueworker from a nearby town came along and rescued the dog and took it to the shelter, the Animal protection Organization, for care. In this video, you get to see Bolinha’s transformation since his recue, and you’ll love it all.

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For 13 years, a stray dog named Bolinha lived outside a gas station in western Brazil. The townspeople constantly fed him scraps of food, but failed to give him the proper medical attention he needed as his weight ballooned to 80 pounds.

The more frequent the feedings, the heavier Bolinha became. He was treated more like a roadside attraction than a living creature in need of love and care. He could barely walk on his own, and he had trouble breathing.

Last September, an animal rescuer from a nearby town came to rescue Bolinha. Finally, the dog’s life was about to change for the better.

The man brought Bolihna to the Animal Protection Organization (OPA-MT). There, he was treated to his very first bath. As you can see, he found it rather heavenly!

Bolihna also found comfort in his new family who wanted nothing but the best for him. Now in capable hands, it was time to address his obesity, and the challenges they’d face on the road to recovery.

The rescue team placed Bolihna on an exercise regimen that involved walking on a treadmill in water to alleviate the stress on his aching joints.

His food intake was also greatly reduced — but what he lacked in food he made up for cuddles and kisses.

Progress was slow, especially considering Bolihna’s age and various medical conditions, but his extra weight started to come off.

In less than a year, Bolinha has lost more than 30 pounds. His transformation is absolutely incredible!

Bolinha’s saviors are now helping him shed another 15 pounds. Pretty soon, he’ll have reached his healthy goal weight. In the meantime, this incredible dog continues to be an inspiration to all of us.

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