They Needed To Clean A Tail Of A Horse, Watch What They Used…


There are number of silly myths which surrounds the lives of horses.

There are those who believe they only sleep while standing and many other believes do exist out there.

So, it’s not strange when others say a tail of a horse can be cleaned using ketchup. Many users, bloggers and enthusiast across different social platforms have come forward to explain that all that is not fiction and have presented facts supporting it.

Those who believe in the cleaning abilities of ketchup have something to show and came up with the experiment below. It has even been claimed that it can be used as an affordable solution of polishing brass.

The experiment was being conducted on a certain Portuguese horse breed (Lusitanos,) by one website which is dedicated to matters involving the breed. Lusitanos are known to have white tails and thus they were the best to work with.

Go through the experiment below and see what they ended up discovering. Do you consider this to be weird, or cool?

They conducted an experiment and this is what they discovered, straight from the horse’s mouth…

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They experimented on two Lusitanos, one named Chandôa, who has a completely white tail, similar to the horse in the photo. Before the experiment, her tail had a pre-wash with soap.


Duque, who has a grayish/white tail, like the one in this photo, did not have his tail washed before the experiment.


They decided to experiment with a trio of ketchup brands, Heinz, Calvé, and Top Budget.


They split the horses’ tails into three sections and used a different brand on each.


They squirted on the ketchup and let it soak for 15 minutes before rinsing it out.


Lusitano Portal

The proof is in the photos — the site claims that ketchup does work! They say the results aren’t perfect, and Chandôa (the white horse) had much stronger results than Duque’s because of the pre-wash.


Yet, they conclude, “It is still much better than the wide variety of shampoos and soaps we have tried before.” They also say the brand didn’t seem to matter and the longer you soak, the better the results. Also, if you decide to try this, don’t wear your best clothes, horse’s tails tend to whip around if flies are near.


What do you think? Cool? Weird? Have you tried it before?

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