Nature lover tours the world so to take astounding selfies with exotic animals


When traveling, I never leave my camera behind. Most people will take photos of animals, peoples, and places.

Laura Exposito loves animals. The 31-year-old is a volunteer at Australia’s Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary in Agnes Waters in Queensland. She is also a volunteer at Farm Animal. It is a vegan farm that saves mistreated animals from slaughterhouses.

As she volunteers, she takes amazing selfies with the resident animals. She even mimics their expressions and poses.

Laura love for animals is undeniable. She gives one giant pig a belly, feeds a koala, and crouches with the kangaroos. Laura takes a hundred individual shots and it may take up to an hour to get the perfect pause from the animals. She compares animals to children; it requires patience to get the perfect pose.

Laura says the alpaca is one of the stubbornest animals. In each photo, Laura captures the personality of the animals and her love for nature.

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