Mother teaches her daughter a lesson of being responsible after she packs all their belongings in trash bags


When Alice Velasquez, used to tell her daughters to clean their rooms, the information used to fall on a deaf ear, something which would force Alice to do the cleaning herself.

Tired of it, she saw it wise to pump some sense to the daughters by getting all their things and pilling them in the trash.

Posting on Facebook, she wrote that after getting tired of advising her daughters of being neat and tidy, the remedy was to put all their things in plastic bags.

She arranged all she found in their rooms in plastic bags, in such a way that if it was a pair of socks, one sock would be in one plastic bag, while the other one would be in the other. This too was done with the clothes, combs, electronic devices and many more.

Upon posting the story on Facebook, it instantly became popular, and received lots of praise from parents. Also, some never liked her deed, claiming that it was an abuse.

Upon presenting herself at The Doctors, the experts clearly spelt out that it was not an act of abuse, but a better way of helping kids in becoming responsible.

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