This is the Most Terrifying Hotel Room in the World. It Will Give You Chills!

Climbing 400 feet, to get to this transparent hotel in Peru, is not even the most scary part.

#1 Nature Vive

This is the Nature Vive hotel, located on the side of a cliff in Peru, and yes, you have to climb to it … 400 feet high.

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#2 Skylodge Adventure Suite

There are three capsules on the cliff and inside your Skylodge Adventure Suite, you can see forever, as the suite is a transparent capsule.

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#3 Lodging Capacity

Each capsule comfortably sleeps 8 people.

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#4 Construction

The capsules are made from weather resistant polycarbonate and aerospace aluminum, which allows for it to adapt to any weather conditions.

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#5 Accomodations

Each capsule is equipped with four beds, a private bathroom, and a dining area.

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#6 The View

If you can get over your fear of falling, the view is magnificent from anywhere in the capsule.

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#7 Fresh Air

And pop out the top for a breath of fresh air, very fresh air.

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