Little Girl Told Her Mom That Teachers Were Rushing Her to Eat Lunch. Then They Get the Phone Call

She was told to eat faster..then THIS happened

#1 Noelia Echavarria

Second grader Noelia-Lisa Echavarria has been known to be a very slow eater, but her family never thought her habit would be the result of a tragic event. While eating lunch at school, her teachers began to rush her, which Noelia complained to her parents about.


#2 She Began To Choke

“My niece came out [of the] lunchroom eating a sandwich. They say she was choking. She was holding her throat,” Noelia’s uncle explained. After once again being rushed to eat her lunch quicker, Noelia began to mysteriously choke while leaving the cafeteria, immediately turning blue in the face.



#3 An EMT Assisted..

“I believe no one called 911 before they came to me, because they would most likely have been there before me,” EMT Qwasie Reid explained, as he was called to the school BEFORE the police or paramedics were informed of the choking. “My concern is how the school responded. If he’s the first person who called 911, then the school did not,” explains the family’s attorney, David Perecman. “They need to have an honest investigation, not a cover-your-back investigation.”


#4 Investigation Underway

An investigation has since been underway, to verify if the correct protocol was done by the school, as the family explains they never received a personal call from the police. “I’m trying to find answers, but nobody is giving me one,” says Noel Santiago, Noelia-Lisa’s grandfather. Noelia is said to now be brain dead, but her mother is continuously praying for a miracle, as she refuses to take her off life support. We hope little Noelia survives this tragic accident.

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