Mom Horse Is Depressed When Baby Is Stillborn, But Vet Comes Up With Genius Plan.


Whether wild or domestic, animals have the most amazing ways of teaching us invaluable lessons, like how to truly enjoy living in the moment, or that there’s plenty of love to go around.

That was exemplified by a story we recently brought you; a mom pit bull was despondent over the loss of her entire litter, which died in utero. But just days later, she was introduced to an orphaned puppy, and her maternal instincts took over. But dogs aren’t the only ones who will readily fill in as a newborn’s “mama.”


In June 2016, a horse fertility specialist in the Netherlands was summoned to a farm to help a retired showjumper, Zindita, who was in labor. The vet, Dr. Patrick Brogan, knew right away that she wouldn’t be able to get the foal out naturally, so he stepped in to assist. Unfortunately, the foal he delivered was stillborn.

Zindita was understandably grief-stricken.

But something fortuitous happened just two days later when Dr. Brogan received a call about a horse named Tolanda. She had died while delivering her foal, and her newborn needed some serious TLC only a mother could provide.

The vet made the decision to bring the two horses together and something magical happened.


From the moment Zindita and the foal were introduced, the grieving mother was immediately smitten, “in love and desperate to take her,” said Dr. Brogan.

He posted the photo and the following caption on Facebook, where it immediately went viral, racking up hundreds of thousands of views and shares:

Two days ago, a group of people came together, working as a team… Saving a mare in labor but losing the foal… Today a group of people, working together, the same mare as two days ago, was introduced to a foal who had lost her mom…. This picture is taken an hour after the introduction…. It speaks for itself.

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