Mom has gut feeling she has a baby girl but doctor says she is wrong


Carissa Nunez discovered she was pregnant in 2016. Carissa and Nick, her husband, always wanted to have a baby boy from the start.

Seven weeks intopregnancy, Carissa and Nick suspected she had a girl. The couple shopped for girly stuff even before they could confirm the gender,

The couple went an elective ultrasound when Carissa at 34 weeks and was still convinced they had a girl.

During the scan, the baby kept moving andhad crossed its feet in a strange position. There was something between the baby’s legs and the technician concluded it was a boy.

The couple was still reluctant about the baby’s gender but they called to share the news with their friends.

A strange number called Carissa asking her to go for a repeat scan. Most of the gender scan reveals are not 100 percent accurate. For instance, a boy without descended testicles would be confused for a girl.

The repeat scan confirmed their suspicion. It was indeed a girl!

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