Meet The Modern Caveman: Man Builds A $230,000 House In 700-Year-Old Cave


Inspiration for you modern hermits

#1 Angelo Mastropietro Wanted A Change

Angelo Mastropietro was a businessman living in Australia but he decided to make a change and buy a cave in his native Britain.


#2 Built By Hand

Angelo did most of the work himself. It took him about 8 months to complete the house but it now has all the modern amenities, including wifi, running water and underfloor heating. Angelo says it’s very relaxing and has a certain magic.


#3 MS Catalyzed The Move

Multiple Sclerosis triggered the move. It left him temporarily paralyzed and caused him to rethink his life. He wanted to live somewhere slower paced and in a beautiful natural surrounding. He found the cave while biking in the rain.


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