Remember Michael Vick’s Disgusting Dogfighting Ring? Well, 7 Years Later… Check this Out.


In 2007, a group of dogs were saved from organized torture in NFL player Michael Vick’s backyard. His dog fighting ring was liberated and he was put in jail for his atrocities.

Many people believed that the dogs found at his house weren’t fit to live in homes, because of their killer instincts. That just isn’t true. These dogs are “Vicktory Dogs,” but not because of their fighting instincts. They were saved from that horrible place… and found loving, amazing homes. They found victory in love.

Here are their stories.

Help the ASPCA raise dog fighting awareness by sharing this article. No dogs are “natural killers,” with vicious instincts. Humans teach them those barbaric behaviors… and humans can put an end to it.

Dogs are meant to be loved in forever homes, not treated like dirt. Please share this with others.

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