Meet A Parrot That Wishes Was A Dog, Now See What He Does… AMAZING!


While I was young, I considered having parrots as pets crazy and though my father who had them was equally crazy.

I saw them to be so unpredictable, messy and loud, but it was until I was of age when I realized how privileged I was having the fascinating birds around. Not many animals have the kind of intelligence they have and they’re never afraid to let those around them know what’s in their minds. It’s unbelievable that they are able to store things in their minds.

Here, we are meeting a parrot who is the best friend of one canine. If you’ve always believed interspecies friendships are not possible, then this video is for you. Zarro, as this parrot is named, likes to spend most of his time with a puppy and you can be justified to say that he wishes he was a dog.  You will surely love what he does once you watch out this video.

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Posted by on Sunday, November 30, 2014

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