Man sues his date for texting during a movie and demands a refund


37-year-old BrandonVezmar met Crystal on Bumble, a dating site. The two went on their first date on one Saturday night. The duo decided to catch a movie at their local theatre in Austin.

Brandon spent $17.31 on his date’s movie ticket. Fifteen minutes into the movie, Crystal took out her phone and started texting.

Most moviegoers hate when people use their cellphones in the theatre. Brandon was greatly bothered by Crystal’s texting.

Brandon says Crystal kept texting and reading text messages from her phone which was against the theatre’s policy.

Some people would let the issue slide but not Brandon. He had the perfect revenge plan. He asked Crystal torefund the $17.31 he spent on her. Crystal laughed it off but Brandon pursued the issue.

Brandon took Crystal to the small claims court. Crystal refunded the money and you can bet there will be no second date.

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