Man with southern accent leaves wife in stitches when he says “Oil”


Do you have an accent?

When I was in college, I hoped to meet people with different accents from the North to the South. Sadly, most of the students did not have any noticeable accents.

Stephanie Shadrick always knew her husband had an accent; a thick Southern accent for that matter. The accent stayed with her husband whenever he went.

Stephanie decided to see if her husband would speak with the accent. Stephanie asked him to read out a sentence out loud with and without the accent. It is hard to imitate an accent that is not yours accurately. It was no different for the couple.

Stephanie husband’s attempt to read the sentence without the Southern accent will leave you hysterical. When he says “oil”, his wife bursts out into laughter.

Watch the hilarious footage below and let us know what you think.

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