Man with phobia of heights crawls on top of the cliff and wife records something interesting


Everyone has a certain phobia that paralyzes them.

Phobias and fears are big obstacles to overcome.

In the video below, one dad is afraid of heights. A man and his wife were on vacation in Dun Aonghasa, a famous hill fort. All was well till the man reached the top of the hill. His phobia of heights erupted almost paralyzing him.

The hill is extremely high and it overlooks the sprawling Atlantic Ocean below them. The man, despite his fear, faced them head on.

He lay on the rocky ground and dragged himself as his wife recorded. His motivation was to peek over the edge of the hill that gave him a view of the ocean. Well, he made it!

Watch the man’s courageous attempt to face his fears in the video below. Do you have the courage to face your fears?

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