She Ties A Rubber Band Around The Vent In Her Car – The Reason Why Is Pure GENIUS!

Make your own cell phone holder, quick, easy, and cheap.

#1 What You Need

All you need is a rubber band and a screw driver … and of course, a car with an air conditioning/heating vent.


#2 Pull Through

Fish the rubber band through the top part of the vent and pull it through with the screw driver, until you have it in your fingers.


#3 Add Your Phone

Place your cell phone into the rubber band.


#4 Let Got

It should appear like this, with the two halves of the rubber band over the screen.


#5 Separate

Next separate the two bands, placing one close to the top of the cell phone, and one close to the bottom.


#6 Let Go

When you let go, your cell phone will be pulled in, close to the vent, and it will stay there.


#7 Done

Now your phone is secure and you can use the GPS or the speakerphone any time you need to. Remember, no texting and driving.


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