‘He made me hold my babies while he killed them’: Mother reveals how she was forced to watch her boyfriend shoot their twin girls dead before killing her father


Gawain Wilson, 28, shot his five-month-old twin daughters, his girlfriend and her father before shooting himself in Jacksonville, Florida


Megan Hiatt, (left) 22, has opened up about the moments her boyfriend Gawain Wilson, 28, told her to hold their five-month old babies (left) as he killed them. Wilson also shot her father and later himself


Hiatt says that she crawled across the bloody room to hear the dying words of her father, who passed on his love to her twin brother. Above, the grandfather holds the babies that the family called Reese and Rose

Bateh said that the family called the infants ‘Chunky Monkey’ Reese and ‘Little Bit’ Rose, though their names were actually Hayden and Kayden.

She told First Coast News that five bullets hit her daughter, but credited God with helping her survive.

‘He gave Megan the strength to drag her body across the room. She had to crawl through her babies’ blood, then through the shooter’s blood, and to her dad to hear his last words,’ the grandmother said.

Travis Hiatt reportedly told his daughter to pass on to her twin brother that he loved him.


Hiatt and Wilson’s relationship was reportedly troubled, though they had welcomed the babies into the world five months ago


Megan Hiatt and Wilson’s relationship was reportedly troubled, and police said the killings most likely stemmed from a domestic issue, according to News 4 Jax.

Bateh said Wilson would break items around the house when he turned angry but had not hit her daughter.

He pleaded guilty to strangulation in 2013 and went to a domestic violence program.

A GoFundMe account raising money for Hiatt said that the mother was in stable critical condition on Tuesday after fighting for her life in the aftermath of the Friday attack.

She needed three surgeries on Friday and Saturday.

The page had raised more than $14,000 towards funeral expenses and medical costs as of Tuesday night.


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